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Fat Accounts Young Indonesian PNS

Posted on: 28 Maret 2012


Fat accounts PNS-term account can be said to be obese person accounts that are considered reasonable because if it traced the origin of the funds in this account was derived from unusual transactions such as corruption money. Fat accounts has made many in the community to assess the existence of irregularities in the transaction and the need to reverse burden of proof in this case fat accounts made legal institutions in this country to work extra hard to violations of the accounts that come from these improper transactions could be bright.

Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) to assess fat accounts civil servants (PNS) found young Analysis of the Financial Transactions Reporting Center (INTRAC) is a blow to the government that the bureaucracy is still dilapidated.

As reported by the Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis (PPATK) that found an account held by an employee overweight young people aged 38 years with deposits totaling Rp 8 billion.Note that the Attorney General has determined that these employees are from the Directorate General of Taxation (Taxation Office) named Dhana Widyamika, as suspects in the alleged corruption that is rumored to have a fat account with his wife who had the initials DW who worked at the Directorate General of Taxation on the Road Gatot Subroto Jakarta amounted to more than Rp 60 billion.

Whether the case is a continuation of the story of Gayus Tambunan who was suspected cases of bribery and tax evasion? or only a small part of the unfolding story of a series of other stories that will unfold again.
Hopefully this country free of corruption!


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